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About The Region

South Africa is a varied canvas, not just one region.  It is made up of many climatic and topographical regions – a vast and complex geography.  The vineyards are based in the maritime region of Stellenbosch, within 7km of the cold Atlantic Ocean, with typically hot, dry summers and long, wet winters.

This special location in the shadow of the Helderberg along the beautiful coastal edge of Stellenbosch is where the climate mimics the Mediterranean and Southern Rhone climate; hence here Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre thrive.


The Helderberg area within Stellenbosch has a very unique terroir due to its close proximity to the cold False Bay coastline. The soils vary from decomposed granite with coffee stone (koffieklip) agglomorates in the subsoil and deep lying clay, with typically a weathered sandstone topsoil. These soils are very well drained and possibly best suited for vineyards. The Helderberg mountain region is hailed by some to be one of the most exciting wine producing areas within Stellenbosch. It is especially well-respected for the longevity of the wines that come from here. The predominant wind in the summer can cause challenges for foliage management, but the moderately cool climate allows for slow ripening resulting in highly structured wines.