Cellar Exclusives Range

Special and limited parcels of wines that are available exclusively in our Wine Lounge.

Ken Forrester Sparklehorse MCC 2018

Ken Forrester Wines has a superb reputation for Chenin Blanc, and this first sparkling wine in the classic tradition is no exception.
Tasting Notes

Ken Forrester Three Halves 2007

Mourvèdre (earthy) with a splash of Grenache (fruity) here and a dash of Shiraz (spicy) there was blended to create this incredible wine. The overriding requirement being that the blend of the “three halves” has to be greater than the sum of the parts.
Tasting Notes

Ken Forrester Roussanne 2019

Elegant, rich restrained, hints of lime blossom, soft on the palate with a gentle structure, this classic Rhone grape thrives in the Mediterranean climate here at The Cape of Good Hope.
Tasting Notes

Dirty Little Secret TWO

We took a trip backwards in time to make a thoroughly modern wine. A wine that will age beautifully for at least the next ten years, a tribute hopefully to the age and concentration of the vines, as well as to low, very low interruptive winemaking, a natural wine in every sense and finally bottled totally naturally with no cold stabilization or fining and it is crystal clear, slightly golden in a good way, with a still lime green rim and how did I do that you ask? Well it’s unfiltered, unrefined just a Dirty Little Secret – naturally!
Tasting Notes

Ken Forrester Silver Rose 2021

I simply love Grenache Rosé – I love it for all the red fruit flavours, the strawberry, pomegranate, red berry fruit and for the last few years we’ve experimented with a single vineyard rosé from Grenache.
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