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Champagne and French Fries Day

How does a glass of bubbly and a side of fries grab you? The 10th of January was Champagne and French Fries Day marking a celebration of this surprisingly perfect food and wine pairing.  This odd yet special day was started by sommeliers Anna Maria and Kleopatra Bright, who know a thing or two about wine and food.

When you look at the fundamentals of this mind-bender pairing you can see that there is a symphony of acid, salt and fat that is in harmony. The French fries bring the salt and fat while the Champagne brings the much-needed acid that makes this combination shine.

The key to this is the acid of the bubbly which cuts through the fat and the salt elevates the flavour.  Now a bottle of Champagne might not be just waiting around for you to try this out, and don’t fret, any bubbly wine will do the trick. However, to get the full experience, bubbly made in the traditional method is necessary, just like South African Cap Classique.

Bubbly wine made in the traditional method uses grapes that are carefully grown for their vital acidity and after initial fermentation, is put into bottles for its second fermentation which captures all those magical bubbles.

At Ken Forrester, one is spoiled for choice with the Sparklehorse Cap Classique and selection of Billecart-Salmon Champagnes.

Billecart-Salmon is one of the most revered Champagne brands worldwide. We are a proud importer since 2001 and continue to quench the thirst of Champagne-lovers in South Africa.

The Sparklehorse is made from Chenin Blanc grown on select cool Stellenbosch vineyards at Ken Forrester, then hand-picked and vinified in the traditional method. This wine is left to age on the lees for 18 months ensuring a creaminess and fine mouse that will make the French fry pairing pop.

Give this magical food and wine pairing a go!