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Shiraz Wine Day

Shiraz Wine Day was created in Australia to celebrate the distinction of New-World Shiraz wines on the fourth Thursday of July.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the use of the name Syrah or Shiraz, which are the same cultivar, these names instead point to the style of the wine for many winemakers. Syrah captures the Old-World style exhibiting earthy notes, slightly lighter body and colour, with a touch higher acidity. At the same time, New-World Shiraz is bold and fruit-forward with higher alcohol. Shiraz Wine Day marks this distinction and creates awareness of the character and quality of New-World Shiraz.

Ken Forrester follows this distinction with the Renegade, led by fruit-forward and spicy Shiraz, resulting in a wine that is a Rhône style blend with New-World style. Three Halves 2013 influence of Shiraz (32%) brings a New-World blend of spice and fruit. Whereas the Gypsy leads with Old-World elegant earthy spices of nutmeg, cinnamon, and dark spices following into concentrated red fruits.

July is the ideal month to celebrate Shiraz which is, without doubt, a food wine and winter dishes love a glass of good red wine. The Renegade is a crowd-pleaser effortlessly dressing up for grilled red meats or dressing down with fireside pizza and movies. Consider pairing the Three Halves with a rich lamb stew gently simmered and enriched with tomato and smoked paprika with a side of comforting mashed potatoes.  The Gypsy deserves something special, such as a decadently truffled risotto, resonating with the rich earthiness or a showstopper beef Wellington with its layers of flavours and textures.

Whether it is warmly spiced and fruity New-World Shiraz or an elegant earthy Old-World Syrah, Ken Forrester has a selection of quality wines for you to celebrate this Shiraz Wine Day.