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Join us for our 3rd annual spring celebration including a luxury pop up shop, art & sculpture exhibition and a wellness talk from 1 to 4 September at Ken Forrester Vineyards.


Roxy Davis, CEO of Sally-Ann Creed®, is hosting a talk on wellness in collaboration with Dot Milton Beauty. Learn more about the importance of nutrition, movement and mental health for wellness as Roxy brings the beach to the boardroom.

Canapés will be served with a glass of Ken Forrester wine. Each person will receive a goody bag including vouchers from participating vendors.

When: 1 September
Where: Ken Forrester Vineyards
What time: 17:30 – 20:30

Unfortunately, we are sold out for this part of the event. 


Gar’nish Catering will be serving delicious treats for our pop up shop days. Participating vendors include Select Sunglasses, Dot Milton Beauty, Lynda Marion Jewellery, Lilli – Carol Patterson Cashmere Scarves, Casa LV Glassware, Phelan Footwear, Mungo and Signature by Des Clothing and Sleepwear.

Free entrance with strict Covid-19 protocols at Ken Forrester Vineyards.

2 September: 14:00 – 17:00
3 September: 09:00 – 19:00
4 September: 09h00 – 15:00


4 September: 10h00 – 11:00
Join our informative walk with Janko de Beer through the sculpture garden.


Roxy Davis, CEO of Sally-Ann Creed®

Sally-Ann’s care, passion and philosophy of always putting the needs of the client first are the cornerstones of what Creed Living is built on. Due to her tireless work over the last 30 years, “Sally-Ann Creed®” has not just developed into one of South Africa’s leading brands but the very embodiment of best practise, innovation and trust. The Creed Living team are obsessively committed to preserving our fellow shareholder’s legacy and it is her inspiration that drives all the principles we are fiercely committed to. Read more online.

Dot Milton Beauty

Dot Milton is a seasoned skin wellness specialist and makeup artist with a career spanning 30 years in the beauty industry. Dot believes that everyone has a natural stand out asset that is uniquely theirs. Read more online.

Meet Lynda Marion

My jewellery is all solid sterling silver and I sometimes use gold as an accent in my designs. I make jewellery that I like to wear, and I also like to try different ideas, so it’s not the kind of jewellery you’d find in an everyday store.

Authenticity is very important to me, so nothing is plated or vermeil, and the stones are all real stones, sourced from all over the world. Read more online.


Quality with a Conscience – Designed, Woven, Made in South Africa. Mungo is a homeware textile company that creates beautifully designed, heirloom-quality woven goods from sustainably sourced organic textiles while providing employment and skills development to the local community in an authentic and meaningful way. Read more online.

Casa LV

We are all about bespoke, handblown glassware. Casa LV is the shared vision of two friends, Lynne and Vilma. Each piece is skillfully designed and no two pieces are the same. These designs are brought to life by one of the world’s foremost Master Glass Blowers- a true visionary whose global travels have led him to Cape Town.

Each piece is expertly hand-blown and is a work of entirely bespoke art. The colour of the glass varies according to the shape of its design, and our pieces are solid and heavy- adding another layer of luxury and performance to their form. Our colours are seasonal, follow us on Instagram for the latest trends.

Signatures by Des

True to its fundamentals, Signature by Des favours beautiful well designed and finished pieces, with quality and fabrication being of paramount importance. All of my attention is given to the selection of fabrics, fluidity of cut and the finished product. The demand for quality governs the production of each piece of clothing. Read more online.

Phelan Footwear

Phelan is a South African ladies leather footwear brand, founded in 1988 by Michael Phelan. Our footwear is manufactured here in South Africa in the Phelan factory where we offer a unique factory store shopping experience. There is a lot of inspiration working in a PNE (protected natural environment), alongside the Lourens River in Somerset West where one could also enjoy a delicious coffee at our Wild Peach Café. Read more online.

Lilli Cashmere Accessories & Fashion Jewellery

Lilli Cashmere stocks a beautiful range of timeless, classic 100% Mongolian cashmere jerseys, wraps\scarves and ponchos. Cashmere, being light, luxurious and incredibly warm makes it an absolute favourite when looking for that extra special piece to add to your wardrobe, winter or summer. Lilli also stocks a wide range of fashion jewellery and accessories to finish off any look. Our jewellery is contemporary, yet suitable for any age and any pocket. Read more online.

Select Sunglasses

Select Sunglasses is a personalised eyewear business. Sunglasses are an essential accessory that are fashionable and functional. Debbie recommends sunglasses based on eye sensitivity, face structure, lifestyle and budget. She makes suggestions about the fit, shape, UV protection, material and lens tint. On display will be Ray-Ban, Michael Kors, Prada, Dolce’ & Gabbana & Emporio Armani sunglasses which all carry a one-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Read more online.

Gar’nish Catering

We believe in quality……we believe that amidst all aspects of planning a special occasion, food continues to be at the heart of it all. If it wasn’t for our imagination and diverse experiences throughout the years we would not be able to deliver the quality you as our client deserves. Our passion for amazing food and beautiful, fresh ingredients is a huge part of us, and we want to share it with you. Read more online.