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A wine for every moment or event

At Ken Forrester, there are a variety of wine ranges to meet any moment or event. The Cellar Exclusive range is a collection of wines that are sourced from special and limited parcels of vines made into unique wines.

The range includes two bubblies, three white wines, as well as a red and rosé. The sparkling wines start with Sparklehorse, made from Chenin sourced from cool vineyards on the Stellenbosch estate. These quality grapes gently ripen and are hand-picked when just the right amount of acidity remains to carry the complexity of this Cap Classique. The wine is aged for 18 months on lees to develop a creaminess and delicate mousse while maintaining the bright, fresh apple, pear and quince aromas. Sparklehorse, with its striking appearance, makes for a delightful gift and the perfect wine to mark a celebration. It is ideal as an aperitif and easily pairs with creamy chicken and fish dishes. Consider having this with a Kingklip or shellfish Thermador.

Stained Glass, the second bubbly, is a demonstration of an ancient method of making wines known as Méthode ancestrale or ancestral method. The Grenache Noir was encouraged to spontaneously ferment from the naturally occurring yeast on the berries. Méthode ancestrale is  a minimal intervention winemaking technique that results in greater flavour and variation. Stained Glass was also aged for 18 months on the lees enriching the mouthfeel and allowing integration of the tangy-wild strawberry and a good long finish. This is a wine to spark interest and enjoyed as a sundowner and is perfectly paired with a quality margarita pizza with fior di latte mozzarella and fresh basil.

The white wines are two Chenin Blancs and a Roussanne, the Chenins start with the Terre Noir. The grapes are sourced from the hot and dry climate of the Swartland and crafted into a full-flavoured Chenin Blanc with soft, gentle white peach and melon flavours and a long finish. It is a beautifully textured wine from 12 months of gentle French wooding.

The second Chenin, Dirty Little Secret Two, is sourced from ancient bush vines (1965) in Piekenierskloof, this wine was created as gently as possible, it is unfiltered and unfined with only seven barrels made. The result is a bright mineral wine with pear drop intensity and is a tribute to the age and concentration of the vines.

Finally, the Roussanne is a classic Rhône cultivar that thrives in the Mediterranean climate of the Ken Forrester estate. There is only a limited quantity of this gorgeous wine, where large old French oak barrels have gently enriched while retaining a balance. The Roussanne is elegant with hints of lime blossom and a richness imparted from a small amount of new oak and integrated from 10 months on the lees. This is classically paired with rich buttery dishes such as decadent shellfish or firm white fish with a lemon butter sauce.

Three Halves is the red wine in the Cellar Exclusive range which was envisioned by Ken Forrester to be a great Mediterranean styled blend. This blend marries the classically blended Rhône cultivars from the finest grapes available in the Cape. The earthy Mourvèdre, spicy Shiraz and fruity Grenache were carefully selected and vinified, then allowed to gently integrate in 2nd filled French oak barrels for 18 months. The result is that the ”three halves” is greater than the sum of its parts. For ideal food pairings look to Provençal inspired dishes like a roast leg of lamb with loads of fresh rosemary and thyme.

Finally, the Silver Rose, made from only the freshest free-run juice of the quality Grenache, carrying with it the gentle pink hue and hardly any tannins from the skins. The juice was fermented in stainless steel and then had 9 months maturing on the fine lees to impart the exceptional structure and body of this wine. The result is a red-fruit focused wine with strawberries, pomegranate and berries with a long-lasting finish. Again, this is a conversation starter and ideal as an aperitif while enjoying a sunset, however, the intensity and body allow this to be an exceptional food wine. The Silver Rose will effortlessly pair with a charcuterie with fresh-cut fruits, for something unconventional, consider pairing this with a mildly spiced lamb curry.

As you can see the Cellar Exclusive range is a collection of unique wines that are guaranteed to tantalise and please. These are wines that remind us of the quality of South African grapes and terroir brought to life by Ken Forrester.